New Technology for Antibody Development


Biolynx’s new generation antibody development platform - the Recombinant Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody Development Technology Platform (R2mAb®), is based on the unique molecular mechanism of the rabbit’s immune system, which has the capacity to produce various antibodies compared to other species. The R2mAb® platform utilizes a method of genetic engineering for antibody genes’recombinant expression in mammalian cells. Antibodies produced on the platform can be engineered and optimized for performance according to intended use and become ideal rabbit monoclonal antibodies.




  • High-throughput in-vitro culture system and screening technique of B cells
  • High-efficiency recombinant technique of antibodies’VH/VL genes
  • High-efficiency mammalian cells expression platform
  • Multi-dimension assay and evaluation system


Technical advantage

Compared to rabbit polyclonal antibodies
Higher specificity
Lower background
Compared to mouse monoclonal antibodies
More accurate epitope recognition
Higher affinity
Compared to hybridoma rabbit monoclonal antibodies
Lower batch-to-batch variation
Lower experimental animal ethical risks


Validation with Clinical Standard

Evaluate on Multi-tissue Chip

  • Antibody Evaluated with Designed Multi-tissue Chips, including normal tissue and clinical sample.
  • Multiple cases were used for each product.
  • Experience Pathologist Team Participate in each slide evaluation for all the products .

Evaluate on Multi-tissue Chip





Cervix, Cervix Cancer and Colon were selected for p63 as positive and negative control tissue. 



 Potential products were validated on mainstream IHC stainerguaranteed the performance at clinic.


Quality Control

  • Biolynx’s products are manufactured under GMP guideline together with high standard quality control system.  
  • Antibodies produced under R2mAb® platform guaranteed high consistency across batches, and providing stable products.
  • Quality Tracking Strategy ensure Good customer experience.

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